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What is the American Council for Freedom in Bahrain?

We are a movement of concerned Americans who are uniting to speak out against human rights abuses in Bahrain.

The campaign against human rights violations in Bahrain brings together organizations from all over the United States who are uniting to support the people in Bahrain and hold our government accountable for its silent acceptance of the barbaric actions and unfair political and social policies of the ruling family in Bahrain, a state of forceful repression.

Organizations include: Ahle Baith Foundation, Al-Kauser Foundation, Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain, Idara-e-Jaferia, Imam-e-Zamana Foundation of North America (IZFNA), Imamia Medics International (IMI), Independent Viewpoints (IV), Islamic Information Center (IIC), Islamic Research Institute, Jafaria Council, Message of Peace Inc., Mohsena Foundation, Muslims for Peace, Muslim Foundation Inc. (MFI), Shia Association of North America (SANA), Ulema of Greater Chicago, Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA), Youth Educational Council New York (YECNY).

Join Us Today!

  • Email us at to get further involved as an organization.
  • Email this page to your friends on a personal level.
  • Rally Against Human Rights Violations in Bahrain in Washington DC on April 15.
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  1. Raid Mohammad permalink
    April 3, 2011 4:24 pm

    Blessed your soul Tim Russert. Today Michigan Representative Mike Rogers, the chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in the House, made the biggest geographical gaff by confusing Iran with Saudi Arabia. Con. Rogers claimed “it is disturbing what Iran is doing in Bahrain.” Tim would have immediately caught this gaff by informing the congressman that it is Saudi Arabia that sent its forces to kill the Majority Shia of Bahrain and not Iran. Tim would have at least asked the Congressman to site an example of this “disturbing” thing about Iran’s involvement in Bahrain that Mr. Rogers neglected to elaborate on.
    Hatha wa Assalaam, Raid Mohammad

  2. April 6, 2011 2:07 pm

    It would be valuable for activists in solidarity with the democratic struggle in Bahrain to attempt to reach out to some local Christian churches who may be willing to listen to the story as it is a human rights issue. This would also be valuable in helping to build community understanding.
    It would also be valuable to try to reach out to trades union locals as this brings an element of political power to the protest.


  1. National March and Rally against Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain: called for April 15 in Washington DC | Rawlin'sView Blog
  2. Website for US rally in solidarity with democracy in Bahrain updated as international press coverage of the crackdown expands | Rawlin'sView Blog
  3. Washington DC Rally for Bahrain at 1pm tomorrow April 15, in front of the Saudi Embassy. Justice for Bahrain internet organization expands. | Rawlin'sView Blog

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