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Press Release: ACFBahrain Commemorates 1 Year Anniversary of Uprisings in NYC

February 14, 2012


New York, New York – February 14, 2012 – On Sunday, February 12, 2012, the American Council for Freedom in Bahrain, a coalition of about a dozen organizations, commemorated the 1 year anniversary of the Bahrain uprisings by holding an open mic event, Tears in Bahrain, at The DiMenna Center in New York City. Among those showing solidarity with the people of Bahrain at the event were American activists, Bahraini Americans, Egyptian activists, organizers from the Occupy Wall Street movement, and faith community leaders. One participant described the event as “solemn, powerful and very thought-provoking.” The event was live streamed to Bahrain and across the world on the World Wide Web.

Ahead of the 1 year anniversary, reports from various news agencies confirm that thousands of security forces have been deployed by the government to confront opposition protesters that seek to loosen the ruling 220-year old dynasty’s monopoly on power. In an unprecedented move, journalists and international observers have been largely denied entry into the island nation of a little over half a million inhabitants. On Sunday, two American peace activists acting as human rights observers were deported after attempting to bring light to the continuing atrocities committed by the Government of Bahrain. And today, six more American citizens working with the international observer group, Witness Bahrain, were arrested by Bahraini security forces in Manama during a peaceful protest on the way to the Pearl Roundabout.

More than 60 people have been killed during months of unprecedented political unrest in Bahrain, the Gulf country hardest hit by unrest during last year’s Arab Spring protests with the greatest number of protestors killed per capita.

The American Council for Freedom in Bahrain, the coalition that organized the massive National Rally Against Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain in Washington, DC on April 15, 2011, continues to stand in solidarity with the people of Bahrain and their legitimate demands for greater political participation, reinstatement of hundreds of government employees accused of supporting peaceful protests, the release of internationally renowned activists, and implementation of the recommendations made by the Bahrain Independent Commission Inquiry on November 23, 2011. And as Americans, we continue to hold our government accountable for its silent acceptance of the human rights atrocities and unfair political and social policies of the ruling family in Bahrain, a state of forceful repression.

Mohammad Ali Naquvi, Coalition Member
American Council for Freedom in Bahrain (ACFBahrain)

Executive Team:
Sakina Rizvi
Mohammad Ali Naquvi
Naqi Haider
Mustafa Abdi
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