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Summary of violations since release of BICI Report on November 23, 2011

December 23, 2011

Violations since BICI Report


Summary of violations since release of BICI Report on November 23, 2011

Death of Five More Civilians

November 23rd, 2011: Abdul Nabi Kadhem, 44, was fatally wounded, on the morning of the release of the BICI report, when his car was intentionally hit by a speeding police vehicle, forcing him to collide with a standing wall of a building.

December 7th, 2011: Zahra Saleh, 27, died after being hit with a metal rod in the head on November 18th. The government is insisting that the protesters were the ones who had hit her and that she had turned to the security forces for  protection. A member of Al Wefaq party and Bahrain Center for Human Rights went to the hospital to try to speak to Zahra; both of them were stopped, questioned, then turned away by Ministry of Interior employees.

December 11th, 2011: Sajida Faisal, 5 days old, died from teargas suffocation according to her parents.

December 15th, 2011: Ali Ahmed Al Qassab, 17, died during protests when he was run over by Bahraini Police.

December 17th, 2011: Abdulali Ali Ahmed, 73, died due to tear gas inhalation along Budaiya highway, where security forces have used tear gas excessively.


Other Violations

. Protests, small or large, continue to be attacked in the same way. Security forces continue to shoot excessiveamounts of teargas made in USA, France and Brazil on residential areas as collective punishment.

. Injuries showed continued use of shotgun, tear gas and rubber bullets. There have been heavy attacks on
protesters in several villages after a huge protest in front of the United Nations building during OHCHR visit.

. Conditions at central prison, “Jaw”, have worsened after the publication of BICI report – Fewer hours outside cell for prisoners, restrictions on exercise of religious rituals, no hot water for showers, families not allowed to bring winter clothes, despite number of detainees suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia and other health problems.

. Many non-protesting children under 18 have been arrested and many families say that their detained relatives are still being subjected to torture.

. Religious processions (matam) have been attacked with tear gas canisters on two occasions – in Aali during mourning of Abdul Nabi Kadhem, and later during a religious procession in Muharraq.

. Government employees, including teachers, have been suspended from work for up to 10 days with no salary.

. Attempt to hinder and hijack civil society associations – the recent dismissal of the legitimate elected board of the Bahrain Bar Society, for example.

. Upon trial hearing adjournment, detainees Sayed Ahmed Neama, Mohamed Saleh and Abdullah Maki were
beaten by the police in front of lawyers.

. Appointment of John Timoney, the former Miami Police Chief known for brutality and Former Metropolitan
police Chief John Yates known for a phone hacking scandal.

Source: Adapted from Bahrain Center for Human Rights on December 23, 2011.

For a full list of violations and government actions, please see

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