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Highlights from the National Rally Against Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain

May 5, 2011
National Rally Against Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain covered in Washington Post

National Rally Against Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain makes the front page of the Washington Post

• Over 2000 people gathered in front of The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, DC and marched to the White House for a rally at Lafayette Park, with some estimates as high as 4500-5000

• The Kennedy Center generously accomodated rally attendants with space to offer Jumaa Prayers

• The rally began with a reading of the names of those who have died in Bahrain since peaceful protests began on
February 14, 2011, followed by a moment of silence in their honor

• Our broad coalition hailed from across the United States, and included individuals from Canada and Bahrain

• Speakers included:

Maulana Mehboob Mehdi
Resident Aalim, Islamic Education Center, Husaini Association of Greater Chicago, Inc.

Husain Abdulla
Native of Bahrain and Director of Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain

Dr. Robert D. Crane
Founder, Center for Policy Research

Former US presidential foreign policy advisor and former Deputy Director of US National Security

Formerly served as Principal Economic and Budget Advisor to the Finance Minister in the Emirate of

Maulana Mukhtar Faezi
Founder and Dean of Baitul Ilm in Chicago

Medea Benjamin
Co-founder, Code Pink
Green Party Candidate for the US Senate in 2000

Maryam Alkhwaja
Bahraini human rights activist

daughter of internationally renowned and prominent Bahraini human rights activist Abdulhadi
Alkhwaja, who was brutally beaten and arrested by masked government agents on April 9, 2011
and remains in custody;

sister of Zainab Alkhwaja, who has been on hunger strike since April 11, in protest of the arrest
and imprisonment of their father and both of their husbands;

Maulana Rafiq Naqvi
Chairman, Islamic Information Center in Maryland

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